Monday, 17 June 2013

Microsoft-Disk Operating System (DOS)

MS-DOS stands for Microsoft disk operating system. Microsoft is the name of the company which owns dos. It is a single user operating system used normally in PC’s. It is an operating system which was developed by Microsoft Inc, USA and can support all compatible PCs. It can control all peripherals which can be attached to an PCs like printer, hard disk, floppy disk, and visual display terminal mouse, keyboard and plotters.

Features of MS-DOS
1.It is a single user operating system and is a command user interface (CUI). It interprets commands types the DOS mode.
2.Standardization and openness of MS-DOS architecture has greatly benefited software and hardware developers.
3.Very good file, client and print server options.
4.Most recent development in DOS i.e. MS-DOS 7.0 has provided GUI (graphic user interface)
5.It has a scandisk utility that helps to detect, diagnose and repair disk errors.
6.It has ability to bypass some start up commands when the user switches on the computer.

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