Monday, 22 July 2013

How to be a good Programmer?

This is the question you always want to answer to someone but you didn't get it yet yourself. First I clear one thing that i am not a good programmer and not the writer at all but i can say i am still learning. Yes I am better than quite a few people when it comes to programming, but that's merely because they are lazy and like to sit on idly all day and never bother about programming. Their horrible skills make my less horrible skills look marvelous.
Things that's help you to be a good programmer mention below  they are what I have wanted to be and I am not. So lets dive in.
1.Decide why you want to become a good programmer
this is the main question you have to ask yourself  Is it because you want a job, preferably in a high paying software firm? Great. Then you are set to reach NOWHERE. All good programmers I know are good because they loved what they did.
2. Programming languages
Very often people equate good coding skills with number of programming langauges known. Thats just damn untrue. While knowing a lot of programming language is good and sometimes, even, essential; it is more important that you know one or two languages very well.
 3. Algorithms
Any good programmer has a good understanding of algorithms. Its not necessary that you know each algorithm by heart (in fact good programmers never learn things by rote) but you must understand when to use what. Algorithms will broaden your understanding and give you new ways to tackle problems. Another important thing is Data Structures. Its more important than algorithm.
4. Coding contests
 Coding contests are good for developing your algorithmic skills and they make you think fast.
5. Design Patterns    
 Any art is learn t by emulating. And therefore, you must emulate the best. Design Patterns are tried and tested architectural (of the software kind) solutions to some commonly encountered software design issues.

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