Friday, 14 June 2013

Difference between HTML and DHTML.

1. It is Hypertext Markup Language.
1. It is Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language.
2. It deals with static web pages.
2. It deals with dynamic web pages.
3. Pages created in HTML is known as Web pages.
3. Pages created in DHTML is known as Style sheets.
4. In this no dynamic fonts are available.
4. In this dynamic fonts are available.
5. It doesn`t contain any fixed structure.
5. It contains fixed structure it is based on DOM (Document Object Model).
6. It doesn`t allow the positioning of element.
6. It allows the positioning of element.
7. It is independent language.
7. It is dependent language. It depends on HTML& JAVASCRIPT.
8. We cannot set the margin of the web page.
8. We can set the margin of the style sheet.
9. There is no classification of a web page.
9. Style sheets are categorized into three types-:
a. Inline
b. Internal
c. External

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