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What are the various Form control used in html also write html code for making e-mail creation form to make ID.

HTML provides data gathering functionality to a web page. This is very useful if the website is use to advertise and self products. HTML forms are similar to ordinary paper forms which you fill out every day in your life such as Application forms etc. you can see different types of forms when you visit different kinds of websites. They range from simple web forms to many complex one`s. Some of the common forms include feedback, registration form, email account form.
HTML form`s is simply a container that consists of other form elements such as text box, radio button, check box an opening form tag.
<form> represents the start of the form and closing form tag </form>. You can place the form element anywhere in the body of the HTML document. You can also include markup such as heading paragraphs, style in the form element.
Single line text input control

It is the simplest type of form control available. It is used when you need enter just a single line of text such as the name of product, search information, city name etc.

                        <input type=”text” name=”student name”>   

      Types of single line text input control

·        Size: the size attribute is used to specify the width of control i.e. how many characters wide will be the text input control.

                          <input type=”text” name=”userid” size=”20”>                                                                                                                  

·        Maxlength: the maxlength attribute is used to specify the maximum number of characters the user is allowed to enter in the text box.

                           <input type=”text” name=”userid” maxlength=”40”>

·        Value: the value attribute is used to specify the default text that will appear in the text box when the form is first loaded.

                             <input type=”text” name=”userid” value=” enter text”>

·        Radio button: radio button is represented by a smaller circular button that is either on or off as in case of checkbox. But unlike only one point can be chosen from many. In order to create a radio button, <input>element with type attribute set to a value radio is used.

                                            <input type=”radio” name=”sex” value=”m”>male

·        Drop down menus: dropdown menus are used to select a single or multiple options from a list of possible choices. It is so called because all the choices are not visible on the screen. These choices are only visible when user clicks on the drop down box.

                                           <select name = “day”>
                                          <option value = “mon”> monday
                                          <option value = “tue”> Tuesday

·        Submit button: the submit button is used to send the form’s data entered by a user to the wwebserver. 

                                        <input type=”submit” value=”go”>

·        Reset button: reset button is used to clear all the entries on the form and reset all the control to their initial values.

                                    <input type=”reset” value ”clearform”>

·        Hidden control: sometime you want to pass information on webpages such that it cannot be seen or alerted by the visitor of the website.

                              <input type=”hidden” name=”userid” value=”anshu”>

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