Saturday, 15 June 2013

What are the various properties and method assoiated with String object? Explain with example?

Some of the commonly used properties and method associated with String object are:
Length - Returns the length of string in characters
toLowerCase() – Converts the string as a string of lowercase characters.
toUpperCase() – Converts the string as a string of Uppercase characters.
toString() – Returns the string value of object.
Substring(Start,end) – Returns a part of string that is extracted from the start position and ends just before end position specified using end parameter.
Replace(expression,newstring) – It replace any matches with newstring.
Example :-
<head><title>String object</title></head>
<script language="Javascript">
document.write("str.length = "+str.length + "<br>");
document.write("str.toLowerCase = "+ str.toLowerCase() + "<br>");
document.write("str.toUpperCase = "+ str.toUpperCase() + "<br>");
document.write("str.substring = "+str.substring(3) + "<br>");

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