Friday, 14 June 2013

What is hyperlink? What are different types of links available? Also explain the purpose of HREF attribute?

        Hyperlink is one of the most powerful feature of HTML. Usually a website consists of number of pages and hyperlinks provide a way to establish link between these webpage so that users can easily navigate from one page of the website to another. A hyperlink is simply a unidirectional pointer from source to some destination location.
1.       INTERNAL LINK : It represents a link to different webpage on the same website or different location on the same webpage.

2.      EXTERNAL LINKS : It represents a link to different webpage on different websites.

One can create three kinds of links in your website
·        Link to different webpage on the current website
·        Link to different parts within the current webpage.
·        Link to webpage on different websites.
          The HREF stands for hypertext reference that contains the URL of the destination page to which link will move to. The URL’s address specified can point to any type of file on the webpage such as HTML document, images, sounds, movies etc. The general format for using <a> tag is
<a href = “URL”> Hyperlinked text </a>
Here, Hyperlinked text act as hyperlink which when clicked by a visitor in a web browser will activate the link and URL specified in href attribute will open, if link is active.
Create a webpage containing frequently asked questions about html whose answer are present in the same page.
<a name="bottom">
For Answers   <a href = "#bottom">Click here</a><br>
<b>QUESTIONS :-</b>
1. Who is Known as the "Father of Modern Computer"?
<ol type="a">
<li>E.F. Codd<br>
<li>Charles Babbage<br>
<li>Dennis Ritchi<br>
<li>Stieve Job<br>
2. Which is the longest river in the world?
<ol type="a">
3. Who is the first President of India?
<ol type="a">
<li>Dr. Rajender Prasad<br>
<li>Dr. Sarvpalli Radha krishnan<br>
<li>R.K. Narayanan<br>
<li>Dr. Jakhir huassain<br><br>
4. Which planet is known as 'Earth twins'?
<ol type="a">
<a name="#bottom"><b>ANSWERS :-</b>
1. b<br>
2. d<br>
3. a<br>
4. b<br>
<a href="#top">Go to Top</a>

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